Press –  04/27/2023

Deutsche Investment Holding Expands its Senior Management


Deutsche Investment Holding is reinforcing its senior management level. The company’s founder and managing partner, Enver Büyükarslan, is appointing Jonathan Bähr, Tamara Martin and Sven-Marko Mertke to the senior management of DIH Deutsche Investment Holding GmbH.


Deutsche Investment Holding is the parent company and representative body of the group’s main shareholder, Enver Büyükarslan, and includes the senior staff functions of finance, IT, marketing, human resources and legal within the Deutsche Investment Group. In addition to the holding company, the group consists of six other operating companies devoted to real estate and investment management. In the years since the company (initially named “EB Group”) was formed in 2000, Deutsche Investment has handled a cumulative transaction volume worth approximately seven billion euros. Until 2016, the group concentrated on third-party service modules, handling the acquisition and administration of assets on behalf of international real estate funds in Germany. With its takeover of Deutsche Investment Kapitalverwaltung, the group completed its proprietary value chain, and it currently has 3.2 billion euros worth of assets under management. The group’s main shareholder played a definitive part in expediting the significant business growth in recent years. To this day, he keeps committing his own equity capital to underscore his faith in a given investment mandate, peer to peer with his investors. “Our group of companies has now attained a scale that comes with a considerable responsibility – vis-à-vis our investors, tenants and the members of our team. Given the fast-paced nature of the markets, the growing regulatory requirements and the constantly shifting demand-side behaviour, we need to prepare the ground for an entrepreneurial ‘cross-generational model’ early on. Doing so necessitates adequate lead times, especially when it comes to the most important corporate resource, meaning people. An early know-how transfer and a widened perspective will produce the kind of synergy effects we need to propel our group of companies forward in the decades ahead. After all, there is no factor more promising than the combination of experience, passion and trust above all,” explained Enver Büyükarslan, the main shareholder of the Deutsche Investment Group. To this end, he decided to streamline the organisational structure of the group by expanding the senior management of its core divisions in a first step – and to do so by recruiting them in-house. Having previously served as sole managing director of Deutsche Investment Holding, he is now enlarging the senior management to include Jonathan Bähr, Tamara Martin and Sven-Marko Mertke.

Jonathan Bähr will be in charge of acquiring and managing investors. Acting as interface to the market for the regulated AIF management company, he will specifically pursue the centralised expansion of the service portfolio of the Deutsche Investment Group in his expanded role. His departmental responsibilities will include finance and corporate development. In this constellation, he will push forward with the group’s growth strategy by tapping new investor groups and by upgrading the product portfolio.

Tamara Martin will be responsible for the strategic brand positioning of the Deutsche Investment Group. Her primary objective will be to strengthen the internal and external communication with fresh impulses to align it with actual needs and to invest the brand with a long-term, value-based focus in its relation with internal and external players. Her sphere of ownership will also include the technologies division for the purpose of identifying further digitisation potential and of exploiting it to enhance the collaboration within the group and its external stakeholder groups.

Sven-Marko Mertke, a fully qualified lawyer specialised in real estate and commercial law, will support the effort to maintain the group’s quality standard in its ongoing evolution. Particularly when it comes to seizing growth opportunities, his job will be to ensure that these are pursued in the best interest of the main shareholder and of the group companies. From a top-down perspective, the expansion of his departmental sphere of ownership to include the human resources unit will endow him with the integrative capacity he needs to create uniformly stable parameters for the growth plans of the group.


The incoming team of four will commit itself to three core focal points: ensuring stability, expediting growth, and implementing innovation – always concentrating on high-quality performance. It will thereby make the original tenets of the company fit for the future. “For me personally, the decision to distribute our corporate responsibility across a larger leadership team is perfectly plausible: It is rich in opportunity and devoid of risk – which is practically the best combination an entrepreneur could wish for,” added Enver Büyükarslan.