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Deutsche Investment: who we are

When it comes to real estate, we are a reliable partner for institutional investors. Because we live for real estate. In addition to tailor-made investment options in open-ended special real estate funds, we offer an integrated real estate service. Our focus is always on responsible development of our real estate portfolio, the needs of our tenants and the long-term success of our investors.

This is who we are


For us, people are at the center of everything we do. Professionalism, loyalty, reliability and respect are therefore the values that guide our actions every day. Taking responsibility is a matter of course for us. In our dealings with our team members, investors, tenants, service providers and the society we sustain through targeted support for social projects.

Real estate

Real estate is our passion. That's why we look at it holistically. We only include the most promising properties from the asset classes housing, office and local food retail in our portfolio, we carefully develop them and thus create long-term value, value that we maintain through continuous ecological and economic support.

The future

Thinking about tomorrow today is a reality for us. And this has been the case since our foundation. That’s why we always work in a future-oriented way. With foresight and prudence. We constantly question ourselves, make adjustments where necessary, recognize opportunities and seize them. This is how we ensure that our company will continue to perform well in the future.

Deutsche Investment

Taking responsibility for people. Identifying, enhancing and developing the value of real estate. And always thinking about tomorrow. All at the same time! This is what drives us forward every day. Through our symbiotic approach, we continue to secure solid investments with a balanced return/risk potential for investors in the future, offer well-maintained properties for tenants in which they can enjoy living and working, and provide a stable working environment for our team members.

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