You can find us at seven locations. Never far from our properties.


Deutsche Investment Kapitalverwaltung AG
Burchardstr. 24
20095 Hamburg

As the former headquarters of Deutsche Investment, our office in the economically powerful city on the Elbe is now our most important strategic location in the north. 

Telephone  +49 40 33 460 49 70
Fax+49 40 33 460 49 99



DIH Deutsche Investment Holding GmbH
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 113
10553 Berlin

Berlin has always been our largest and most important investment location for the residential asset class. In addition to the headquarters of Deutsche Investment, the shareholder family is also based here.

Telephone+49 30 34 663 07 56
Fax+49 30 34 663 07 50


DIR Deutsche Investment Retail GmbH
Kressengartenstraße 10
90402 Nuremberg

With over 3.5 million inhabitants, the financially strong Nuremberg metropolitan region is an attractive business location. And that’s precisely why we have set up our team of specialists in the local food retail asset class here. 


Weißeritzstraße 3
01067 Dresden

The Altmarkt Square and the Yenidze are the highlights of our Dresden real estate portfolio. Through our office in the capital of Saxony, we ensure continuous support for our properties and support the expansion of our portfolio in the east of the country. 


Rochusstr. 47
40479 Duesseldorf

Thanks to its economic strength and quality of life, the art and fashion metropolis of Duesseldorf offers enormous potential in all asset classes. That’s why we have opened another office in capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. 


Taunustor 1
60310 Frankfurt

Through our Frankfurt office, we are strengthening Deutsche Investment’s presence in the south-west of the country. From here, we plan to open up further attractive markets such as Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Baden-Württemberg.


Torgauer Straße 76
04318 Leipzig

The city of Leipzig is becoming increasingly relevant, which consequently has a positive impact on demand for residential space. From our location there, we manage our properties in Central Germany together with Dresden.

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