We do not follow anyone else’s guidelines. We follow our own standards.

When it comes to ecological, ethical and socially compliant action, we don’t just jump on any bandwagon. We have developed our own vision of sustainability based on our high corporate values and we adhere to it at all times. Our investors, tenants and team members appreciate the fact that we don’t just aim for the minimum through this commitment, but go well beyond it. 

We are Deutsche Investment.
And real estate is our business

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We are members of various organizations.
Because together, we can be better.

A responsible approach to the capital and interests of our investors is a matter of course for us. As a member of the BVI (German Professional Association of Real Estate Managers), we follow its code of conduct. As a German fund association, the BVI represents the interests of the fund industry in relation to politicians, supervisory authorities and international institutions.

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More transparency, more professionalism and better investment access for investors. Three important goals to which INREV, as the European association for investors in unlisted real estate investments, has committed itself. And these are goals that we fully support as a member.

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Through its code of conduct, the GCSP as the only nationwide interest group has led the way in developing a set of guidelines for the retail and commercial real estate industry that regulates fair dealings between landlords and tenants. For us, too, a cooperative partnership comes ahead of making a profit. A fact that we support through our membership of the GCSP.

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As an investment manager with 360° real estate expertise, our aim is to develop ourselves and what we do at all times. Through our membership, we support the work of the Gesellschaft für immobilienwirtschaftliche Forschung (Society for Real Estate Research) – gif for short – which, as an interdisciplinary research network, deals with important issues related to the real estate industry and advocates greater market transparency.

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We have joined forces with around 40 other well-known real estate portfolio holders in the ESG Circle of Real Estate. Our common goal is to develop and establish a reliable and marketable ESG scoring model for measuring the sustainability performance of real estate and portfolios.

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Identifying and using trends and developments at an early stage – an important building block in our day-to-day business. As a member, we support the academic research work of the EHI Retail Institute into the retail, consumer and capital goods industry and rely on the results of their studies to evaluate future investment options.

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We are aware of the sustainability risks.
And have developed strategies to deal with them.

In accordance with Art. 3(1) of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the “Disclosure Regulation”), as a capital management company we are obliged to comment on the inclusion of sustainability risks in investment decision-making processes. 

A sustainability risk is an event or condition in the field of environmental, social or corporate management, the occurrence of which actually or potentially has a significant negative impact on net assets, financial position and results of operations at the company level and on the reputation of the special assets and the capital management company as a whole, and thus on the value of the investor’s investment.

For us, sustainable and responsible action is a continuous process to which we are committed and which we are constantly driving forward. With full conviction.

Nanette Hoppe, Principal Projectmanagement Institutional Investors

We are already thinking about tomorrow today.
And the day after tomorrow.

Children and young people are the engine for development of our society. It is they who will determine our direction in the future. In order to provide them with the best possible development opportunities and prospects for the future, we have been helping institutions that support young people for years. In this way, we are already making an important contribution to the positive development of our future society.