We do not follow anyone else’s guidelines. We follow our own standards.

When it comes to ecological, ethical and socially compliant action, we don’t just jump on any bandwagon. We have developed our own vision of sustainability based on our high corporate values and we adhere to it at all times. Our investors, tenants and team members appreciate the fact that we don’t just aim for the minimum through this commitment, but go well beyond it. 

Sustainability-related disclosures

In order to increase the transparency of financial offers and services, Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27 November 2019 applies sustainability-related disclosure requirements ("Disclosure Regulation"). Accordingly, since March 2021, financial market participants have been obliged to disclose various sustainability information. These include the company and its products. 

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Our CO2 footprint

We bear responsibility. And that is why we are always on the lookout to identify potential for improvement in our group of companies. We see a careful database as the basis. Our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) is a benchmark by which we measure ourselves.

Our annual CO2 emissions: 663 tonnes*

  • Office space: 49.3t
  • Heating consumption: 147,4t
  • Power consumption: 96.2t
  • Working distances: 208,1t
  • Vehicle fleet: 128.0t
  • Flights: 19.4t
  • Train journeys: 14.4t

* September 30, 2022

For us, sustainable and responsible action is a continuous process to which we are committed and which we are constantly driving forward. With full conviction.

Nanette Hoppe, Director Sustainability und Project Management

Growing together: our German Investment Forest

The trees we plant have big goals: they should not only help the environment, but also the people who live in it. That's why we work with Treedom to work with NGOs and local communities to choose the right tree for the right place. We think in the medium and long term. Because we are not satisfied with simply planting trees: we want to see them grow. 

To Deutsche Investment Wald

We don't talk.
We do.

  • Gradual conversion of the vehicle fleet to alternative drives
  • Domestic business trips primarily by train
  • Saving on consumables
  • Green electricity and gas in the entire real estate portfolio

  • Support for social projects, art, culture, youth and sport
  • Flexible working hours, individual training and health promotion for team members
  • Long-term, socially acceptable tenancies
  • Company pension scheme
  • ...

  • High standards to prevent corruption, money laundering and bribery
  • Supervisory Board with proven expertise in real estate investment and regulation
  • In-house training academy
  • No new leases of commercial space to non-ethical companies
  • ...