Transaction Management

Cornerstone of a successful fund launch

Transaction management for the managed special AIFs (Spezial-AIFs) is assumed by the acquisition and sales department. The direct market access of Deutsche Investment ensures a high speed of investment in properties with attractive risk and return profile.

The acquisition process is a basic precondition for the launch and extension of the managed special AIFs. Here, the choice of real estate properties is guided by the investment strategy of the respective real estate fund. The product development of Deutsche Investment is based on a market analysis laid down with the management in cooperation with the fund management, the acquisition and sale department as well as in consultation with the investors. As part of a continuous market and portfolio analysis, real estate properties are identified which are to be acquired or sold for the managed special AIFs.

Acquisition profile

Would you like to find out more about Deutsche Investment’s acquisition criteria? Here you can download our investment profiles for the asset classes residential, office and retail (German version only). For further information, please contact our team members as specified in the documents.





Food Retail

Food Retail