Sustainability by conviction

Environmental, social and corporate responsibility

The core corporate values of Deutsche Investment form the basis for socially responsible, ethical and efficient action. We make our business decisions with due regard for ecological and social aspects as well as in the spirit of value-oriented corporate management. As a company, we are a trusted partner for all stakeholders and align the interests of our investors, business partners and team members with our overall role in society.

We have implemented various measures at both the company and portfolio level to sharpen our profile as a responsible and, in the best sense, contemporary investment manager: With our 360° real estate expertise, we take ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) into account at all corporate levels as well as at each individual stage of the property value chain.

For us, sustainability is an ongoing process that does not end with the points presented here. As a result, we will continue to develop our ESG strategy, which is binding for our entire group of companies.

Company level

Deutsche Investment stands for fairness, reliability and integrity as well as for a value-based business and investment strategy. Interaction with each other and with external third parties is based on an open, positive communication and error culture and is characterised by mutual trust. We promote the personal sense of responsibility of our team members and strengthen the awareness of sustainability aspects across all levels of the company.



Gradual conversion of the vehicle fleet to alternative drive systems

Business trips within Germany primarily by rail

Savings in consumables



Use of a fixed quota of the proceeds for charitable purposes

Support for social projects and youth sports clubs

Flexible working hours, individual training and health promotion for team members



High standards to prevent corruption, money laundering and bribery

Supervisory Board with proven expertise in real estate investment and regulatory affairs

Internal training academy


Portfolio level

At the property portfolio level we focus on a sustainable management. ESG criteria are incorporated into the selection process as early as the property purchase stage and are evaluated in a SWOT analysis. The findings are regularly reviewed and followed up during the course of portfolio management. At the same time, we create new residential space by means of redensification, taking into account social and ecological aspects.



Consideration of ecological aspects when purchasing real estate

Resource-saving property management

Redensification and new construction of properties according to low-energy standards



Long-term, socially acceptable tenancies

Focus on tenant retention and acquisition

ESG framework conditions also apply to contractual partners



Fair cooperation with service providers

No letting of commercial space to companies that do not comply with ethical standards

Consistent compliance with legal obligations



Philipp Westermann
ESG Manager

Phone: +49 40 33 460 49 86