Social Responsibility

Commitment for children and young people is at the focus

Children and young people are our future. By their actions, they will determine the direction in which our society develops. Deutsche Investment would like to make an active contribution to offering young people prospects and to supporting them on their path into the future. In the social sector, therefore, we have for many years been giving targeted support to organisations promoting children and young people, which we present to you here.

St. Clemens Kirche

In Berlin, Deutsche Investment provides ongoing support to St. Clemens Church to maintain its meeting place for young people which was opened in December 2016. With the support of this project, we contribute our share to giving young people guidance in their lives whilst at the same time creating a contact point for emergency situations. At the community centre, young people can exchange views about their faith, make music, cook or do homework together. The church supports the young people in this with individual learning support and offers overnight accommodation for emergencies.

steps for children

Nationwide Deutsche Investment supports the charity steps for children, which campaigns for needy children and young people in Namibia. Social provision and educational measures give the children the chance of a life away from poverty and hopelessness. At five locations, the ‘steps for children’ projects today support over 500 children and young people in social subprojects such as day nurseries, nursery schools, soup kitchens and after-school supervision.

Promoting Young Talent

As a training business, Deutsche Investment passes on its know-how to young people so that they can get a foothold in our performance-oriented sector. In our company, we regularly involve trainees and  interns. The focus here is on integrating young people directly into the workflows and giving them their own responsibility.