Reporting Services

Flexible, transparent and clear

  1. The reporting is drawn up by Deutsche Investment based on a comprehensive database with access to all posting and real estate data.
  2. All reports can be flexibly supplemented at the request of the investors by further reporting modules.
  3. The issue format is normally an Office or PDF format which can be sent in standard form by email or available to view in the restricted online area.


Our reports generally include:

Annual report
statement of accounts and audit report

Monthly reporting
contents and scope as required by the investors

Detailes report & forecast
as part of the investment committee meeting

Investment limit

Limit system

Regulatory reports
BuBa reports, BaFin report, AWV report, BVI report 

Solvency II reporting
Tripartite template as specified by BVI, if required, individualised 

VAG reporting

GroMiKV reporting

Individual reports
if not be covered by monthly reporting because of special formats

Internal reports
if cannot be covered by monthly reporting because of special formats 

Ad hoc evaluations
on request from investors


Classical paper reporting

Reporting by e-mail

in Microsoft Office or PDF format

Provision of templates

for automated integration of reporting into the investor system

Registration for Deutsche Investment web reporting

via which you can view the current and historical fund data at any time

Provision of the data on request

from internet information services (Reuters, Bloomberg, WM Datenservice etc.)