In the investors’ best interests

Business success in investment management is based on trust – trust of the investors, trust of the shareholders and trust of the general public. By entrusting Deutsche Investment with their assets, investors are making a leap of faith. The investors may have confidence that the statutory and supervisory provisions will be observed and their interests represented as well as possible.

For this, various procedures have been set up to limit every risk to a minimum and to put the BaFin financial supervisory authority in a position to effectively exercise its powers. This also includes in particular measures to identify conflicts of interest and to avoid damaging the interests of the investors. Moreover, it includes effective and transparent procedures for appropriately and immediately dealing with complaints by the investors.

Value-oriented Corporate Governance

For Deutsche Investment, compliance means much more than just complying with the rules. For all team members, from the management to the internee, value-oriented corporate governance that is guided by the needs of the investors is compulsory.

  1. In the interests of the investors, each team member is committed to integrity, prudence, honesty, probity, expertise and fairness at all levels.
  2. In the interests of a positive development of the company and the investor money entrusted to us, Deutsche Investment maintains an open communication and feedback culture in the team and supports every team member in his personal development.