The Company

360° real estate expertise from a single source

For institutional investors, Deutsche Investment offers customised fund solutions spanning ervery aspect of real estate investment. The company has been a licensed capital management company (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft) under Germany's Federal Financial Supervisory Authority since 22 August 2011. The focus lies currently on residential and commercial (office) real estate.

Through the group of companies, Deutsche Investment and EB GROUP cover the whole value creation chain of real estate-related services and deliver all services from one source. Together, Deutsche Investment and EB GROUP offer a vertically integrated service portfolio consisting of fund, transaction, asset, real estate and facility management as well as project development.


The clear benefits for our investors:

  • The joint market access of Deutsche Investment and EB GROUP ensures a high speed of investment in properties with attractive risk/return profile. In the due diligence and purchase implementation, Deutsche Investment is supported by the EB GROUP transaction team.
  • Thanks to continuous optimisation and the closeness to the properties, a constant sustainable value creation of the real estate portfolios is ensured.


Investment Focus

Deutsche Investment und EB GROUP currently manage real estate assets across Germany worth approx. 1.5 billion Euro. The choice of investment locations and the various types of use of the real estate are the result of an ongoing thorough market analysis by our experienced team and their long-term advisers. The active management of the portfolio enables Deutsche Investment to generate attractive value and yield developments.


The investor base of Deutsche Investment consists mainly of insurance companies, financial institutions and companies from the retirement pension sector. Deutsche Investment responds flexibly to investors’ individual investment needs regarding further types of use or regional focal points. Its requirements are met by special reporting supplemented by professional risk management as well as a personal investor relations service.