BVI Rules of Conduct

The guidelines for responsible investment

Together with EB GROUP, Deutsche Investment manages the money entrusted to it under strict statutory regulations. Reliability, integrity and transparency form the basis of the trust that the investors place in us. We meet our investors’ increased need for information with flexible, individually customised reporting. Over and above that, Deutsche Investment and EB GROUP are conscious of the social responsibility that they bear as actors on the financial and real estate market. Building on the statutory bases, both companies undertake to comply with the code of conduct of the Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e. V. (BVI).


The BVI Rules of Conduct define the standard for responsibly handling the capital and rights of the investors. They represent five principles of how capital management companies can meet the requirements to their investors and how they represent their interests:

  1. The Asset Manager does not charge inappropriate fees or commissions and does not jeopardise investor interests by using practices that constitute market abuse.
  2. The Asset Manager adheres to clear execution policies that ensure settlement in line with market conditions and equal treatment of investors.
  3. The Asset Manager will render information in a clear, comprehensive and understandable manner.
  4. Supervisory board and management will work towards a good corporate governance of the Asset Manager.
  5. The Asset Manager acts as a responsible corporate citizen in environmental and social issues as well as corporate governance issues.

As part of its Best Execution Policy, Deutsche Investment regularly checks compliance with these five principles and informs its investors of the results.  

The BVI Rules of Conduct are available to view in full on the BVI Website.