Risk Management

Systematic Analysis and Valuation

Securing the managed capital investment held in trust of the investors is the principal aim. The Risk Management specialises in maintaining investors’ interests as well as securing the company’s long-term existence. Thanks to the many years’ experience of its team members in building up risk management systems for investment companies, Deutsche Investment ensures that all risks are systematically recorded and controlled.

The risk management process is based on the defined risk strategy and is in line with the aims of the business strategy. Likewise, it takes into account the interactions with respect to the fiduciary management of the capital investments of the investors and also on Deutsche Investment’s own assets. A regular check of the risk management is carried out by internal auditing and external auditor.

The structuring and ongoing further development of the risk management are not only quality features of professional asset management but also an excellent selling point to distinguish from the competition.

Our risk management process in detail